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In today's changing holiday concept and needs, sports and health are first. Don't neglect the sports you do in your daily life in the holiday and don't compromise your healthy lifestyle, International Geriatry; • Bike • Tennis • Walking • Swimming • It is at your service with yoga and meditation activities.

Do not just listen to music as a hobby or entertainment tool, you can restore your body health with music. The world's most famous therapists, psychiatrists and thinkers agree that music is essential and important. Music has different effects on us, and these effects are explained by experiments and studies. All living things in nature benefit from the miraculous effect of music.

One of the benefits of cycling is to prolong life as it reduces the risk of death. In a study conducted in Denmark, cycling has reduced the mortality rate by 39% for all reasons. The research was conducted in more than 30 thousand participants in 15 years.

There is a tennis court in our center where you can play tennis all the time. Tennis can be a challenging sport for those who are learning yet, but you should not ignore the pleasure of playing tennis. When you practice and act regularly, playing tennis will give you a healthier, more powerful body. You will feel you are reviving again with tennis, and you will realize that you are more satisfied as you play.

• Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour Do not miss the adrenaline rush, full day rafting tour of Antalya. • Alanya Scuba Diving Tour Experience the dive tour in Alanya with professional guides and diving instructors. • ATV Safari tour ATV / Quad tours in exciting Alanya • Alanya Jeep Safari Tour Adventure-filled jeep safari tour in the Taurus • Canyoning Rafting Adventure We have created different course plans so that you can experience the rafting activity much more exciting and actionable.

Nowadays, the life of the city is making people more tense and tired. Our body and soul are thrown out of there as if connected to the automatic. We can say this stop with little changes. Hobby gardens will be good for your soul; If parsley, arugula, tomatoes etc. If the seeds are planted, some of the needs of your home will be covered. While you are dealing with your small garden, your blood pressure will decrease, your muscles will work, your happiness will increase.

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