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Alanya / Antalya
About Us
  • Why Us?
  • The Paradise on Earth is built on the peninsula in Antalya / Alanya. The facilities of our paradise include; - a professional medical team, - all rooms have sea-view, 1st class material, the concept that responding to all needs, - the campus combined with nature and plants, - blue-flag beach, - the amazing sunset, - most talented chefs, - staffs, who speak your native language.
  • Why Alanya?
  • Our centre's facilities are Charming Atmosphere, sea-view rooms, perfect services, wholly at the forefront of health, 7/24 Doctor's control, specially prepared programs for healthy life, funny activities, and delicious food. With changing time flowing we are inviting you to our paradise for enjoying. Are you ready to explore the Paradise of healthiness, happiness, and living?
  • Why Turkey?
  • We promise you to live in Paradise. Because you deserve the best in life, health and comfort. For what? For many years, life took away excitement and joy. We have been taking responsibility for giving joy and excitement of the life, that taken from you. By this slogan, we have prepared a 5-star getaway plan for you to welcome to Paradise on the Earth, that located in Turkey's Mediterranean Coastal State.
Massages and Spa
Massage and Spa; excitation of skin subcutaneous tissue, muscles, internal organs, metobalism, circulatory and lymphatic systems by means of mechanical and neural (reflex) therapy; It is a method of increasing the regional blood circulation with various strokes and rubs, providing more blood to the tissue by expanding the vessels.
The most important goal of Yoga is to renew the mind to bring it to simplicity and peace. This feeling of peace comes from Asana (postures) and Pranayama (breathing) practices. In contrast to other types of exercise that exert pressure on muscles and bones, Yoga slowly revives the body.
7/24 Doctor Controls
International Geriatry is a professional geriatric center that equipped with last technologies. Our specialist doctors, who have all kinds of medical equipment, and our highly qualified staff, together with our experienced staff; Our geriatric special care department continues to serve successfully.
Beauty and Aesthetic
Our priority mission as International Geriatry; to provide qualified and sustainable service by following the technological-sectoral developments in the beauty and aesthetics, and to give service with well-equipped and conscious estheticians in order to make this service even more widespread.
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Hydrotherapy is the use of water to treat a disease or to protect health. The theory behind is that it has many properties that give water the ability to improve. It is important to discuss your physical condition and medical history with your doctor or physiotherapist before trying hydrotherapy.
Physiotherapy is the method that involves the movement system-related diseases and the tools that affect the joints and soft tissues applied outside the body. It is the practice of restoring the body by using exercise and treatment methods as a result of loss or decrease of the necessary body function that occurs as a result of any disease or accident. As a result of any reason, the treatments applied to people with disabilities are given in our rehabilitation centers.
Psychological Therapy
Psychotherapy, or so-called speech therapy, is a method preferred by people who want to relax psychologically and who want to maintain their mental health. Besides, it can be applied as supportive for people who are taking psychological or physical treatment or who use drugs. How long the therapy should be applied and how long the therapy will last will be tailored to the needs of the person.
Mental Therapy
People who need support for mental health often say that psychotherapy practices, also referred to as speech therapy, are often very useful. The type and duration of therapy may vary depending on the individual needs of the client, or Mental Therapy may be used as a supplement to ongoing medication or different treatment modalities.
Cycling Activities
One of the benefits of cycling is to prolong life as it reduces the risk of death. In a study conducted in Denmark, cycling has reduced the mortality rate by 39% for all reasons. The research was conducted in more than 30 thousand participants in 15 years. A strong relationship was found between the physical exercise and the life span of cycling.
Music Activities
Do not just listen to music as a hobby or entertainment tool, you can restore your body health with music. The world's most famous therapists, psychiatrists and thinkers agree that music is essential and important. Music has different effects on us, and these effects are explained by experiments and studies.
Travelling and Tour Activities
• Köprülü Canyon Rafting Tour Do not miss the adrenaline rush, full day rafting tour of Antalya. • Alanya Scuba Diving Tour Experience the dive tour in Alanya with professional guides and diving instructors. • ATV Safari tour ATV / Quad tours in exciting Alanya
Hobby Garden Activities
Nowadays, the life of the city is making people more tense and tired. Our body and soul are thrown out of there as if connected to the automatic. We can say this stop with little changes. Hobby gardens will be good for your soul; If parsley, arugula, tomatoes etc. If the seeds are planted, some of the needs of your home will be covered. While you are dealing with your small garden, your blood pressure will decrease, your muscles will work, your happiness will increase.
Life Center
You will always feel in the Mediterranean with its magnificent view and private design balcony which makes the comfort of the rooms indispensable. Among our accommodation options, our warmed rooms will make you feel like you are in the sea with its seaside location, its own garden and sun loungers.
You can stay healthy and fit in our center. You will pamper yourself with the sun in the tranquil bay and cool off with the still waters of the beach. You can enjoy the jacuzzi in the swimming pool or you can have fun with the pool games of our animation team.
The sauna allows the removal of toxic substances from the body through sweating and the cleaning of pores in the skin. The immediate effect of the sudden encounter with hot and dry air in the sauna is the heart and circulatory system. There is an increase of 5-10% in the blood circulation of the skin in the sauna environment and 60-70% in the blood flow.
Hobby Rooms
Because we are tired of the hustle and bustle of life, we would like to spend time with our hobbies when we are alone with ourselves. It will soothe our souls and help us to discard the problems we experience in our minds. These sweet endeavors that we have acquired allow us to discover new products while resting our minds.
35 Years Old
In the struggle for life that is becoming more and more arduous every day, I don't think that my mom and dad are in need of old and special care, and I can not visit every hour and day that is suitable for me, that I can visit with a smiling face, The transparent structure gives my heart power.
87 Years Old
A year ago, we noticed that our mother, who has Alzheimer's disease, could not take care of her at home and searched for a nursing home. After visiting many places we decided on a friend's advice. After a short while we realized that we made a very correct decision.
53 Years Old
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